All english courses (66)

Course Abbreviation Credit points PDF / print
Advanced Application Systems Development MI101 7,5 CPs
Advanced C++ MI108 5 CPs
Advanced C++ M214 7,5 CPs
Advanced cryptography MK105 5 CPs
Advanced Data Mining and Visualization Techniques M305 7,5 CPs
Advanced Data Quality Management M306 7,5 CPs
Advanced Digital Signal Processing MK106 7,5 CPs
Advanced IT-Project-Management PM101 5 CPs
Advanced Java M203 7,5 CPs
Advanced Java MI123 5 CPs
Advanced JavaScript Programming M113 7,5 CPs
Advanced Project Management XAPM 2,5 CPs
Advanced Requirements Engineering M112 7,5 CPs
Advanced Software Programming PM102 5 CPs
Agile Requirements Engineering M117 7,5 CPs
Agile Software Development MI128 5 CPs
Ambient Intelligence M209 7,5 CPs
Auditory Analysis and Audio Coding MI121 5 CPs
Automatic Image Analysis MI113 5 CPs
Automatic Speech Processing MI111 5 CPs
Business Analytics WI101 5 CPs
Business Process Management and Simulation PM104 5 CPs
Channel Coding and Information technology MK113 5 CPs
Cloud Computing and Security MI124 5 CPs
Cognitive and Software Defined Radio MK118 5 CPs
Cognitive Consulting MI125 5 CPs
Cross-Cultural Leadership and Human Resource Management PM105 5 CPs
Data Quality Management MI115 5 CPs
Data Warehouse / Data Mining M107 7,5 CPs
DevOps - Agile in progress MI126 5 CPs
Electronic Business & Social Media WI102 5 CPs
Englisch EGP B2/1 EGP 2,5 CPs
Englisch EGP B2/2 EGP 2,5 CPs
Enterprise Architecture MI118 7,5 CPs
Entrepreneur- & Intrapreneurship WI105 5 CPs
FPGA Prototyping by VHDL examples MK114 5 CPs
Free Open Source Software Projects (FOSS) MI129 5 CPs
Geographic Information System MGIS 7,5 CPs
Human Computer Interaction M201 7,5 CPs
Innovation Management WI107 5 CPs
Introduction to Scientific Studies M100 2,5 CPs
IT Attack Identification, Analysis and Response MI119 5 CPs
IT Security MI110 5 CPs
IT Security Audit and Assessment MI106 5 CPs
Lehrassistenz Plus M116 5 CPs
Machine Learning MI117 5 CPs
Master Research Assistantship M200 7,5 CPs
Mobile Computing Application Development with Android M307 7,5 CPs
Modern Mobile Communication Systems MK117 5 CPs
Network Systems and Security MI102 5 CPs
Neural Networks MI116 5 CPs
Parallel Computing M111 7,5 CPs
Pattern Recognition MI109 5 CPs
Philosophy of Sciences & Empirical Research WI106 5 CPs
Privacy and Data Protection MI120 5 CPs
Programming in C++11 BI121 5 CPs
Requirements Engineering PM103 5 CPs
Scientific Studies PM100 5 CPs
Strategic IT Planning MI104 5 CPs
Strategische IT-Planung M108 7,5 CPs
Structures & Processes of forward-oriented companies MI122 5 CPs
Ubiquitous Computing M303 7,5 CPs
Ubiquitous Computing MI112 5 CPs
Underwater Techniques MK119 5 CPs
Web Application Security MI130 5 CPs
Web Frameworks and APIs MI131 5 CPs